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Conference: The Future of Scandinavian Creation Theology: Martin Luther and N.F.S. Grundtvig Revisited

25-26 August, 2014. The Grundtvig Study Centre invites to a conference at Vartov.

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mandag 25. august 2014, kl. 09:15 - tirsdag 26. august 2014, kl. 14:00


Vartov, Farvergade 27, Central Copenhagen

Scandinavian creation theology (SCT) has become an umbrella term used for a specific theological movement in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Beginning in the mid-20th century, it is still highly influential in the Nordic countries, within as well as outside of the churches, and has influenced also parts of German and North American theology, especially among Lutherans.

Further introduction and program (pdf)

Practical information:

  • Tuition  DKR 400, - plus VAT totally DKR 500,-
  • Apply at https://auws.au.dk/Scandinav-Creation-Theol
  • The Conference fee includes participation in the conference in accordance with the above program and meals as described.
  • If you live further than 50 km. from the conference venue in Vartov, then The Grundtvig Study Centre offers a hotel room from August the 25th to the 26th free of charge.
  • Please indicate at registration whether you want a hotel.
  • If you have any questions don´t hesitate to contact
    Michael Schelde:teoms@cas.au.dk Phone +45 2899 2591