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Principles and guidelines

Scope of the project

Grundtvigs Værker (Grundtvig’s Works) includes all works that Grundtvig had published during his lifetime. In addition, specific focal texts that were published posthumously but have gained canonical status will also be included, e.g. Mands Minde (1877) – the manuscripts to a number of lectures Grundtvig gave in 1838. This publication is based on the first editions of the texts, which are included in facsimiles (i.e. digital scans of the texts) alongside the electronic text. If later editions of a specific text have been significantly altered, these editions are treated as separate texts and are published as such. Examples hereof are Nordens Mytologi from 1808 and 1832, as well as Bjovulfs Drape 1820 and 1865.

Establishing the scholarly text

This edition is a scholarly edition, i.e. the original texts are treated systematically and any errors are corrected. A minimum of three copies of each work are collated (compared) as there can be internal discrepancies. Emendation is only used conservatively, and all corrections are noted so they can be crosschecked.

Commentary in this edition

The publishers provide Grundtvig’s works with various types of explanatory comments: - Introductions that illuminate the historical context of the text. - Accounts of the documents that describe the relevant manuscripts and prints. - Comments on language that clarify and explain more difficult words and phrases. Note that this only applies to words that do not offer an unambiguous explanation in The Danish Dictionary. - Registers that provide short lexical definitions of personal names, places, book titles, mythological elements and Biblical references.

Search options

It is possible to search in both Grundtvig’s texts as well as in the comments and introductions that are provided in this edition. So far, it is only possible to search in the works that are already published on the site (approx. 40% as of 1 December 2019). However, it is possible to search in the full body of text upon request.

Additional tools

Finally, this edition also contains the following tools:

- A historical timeline

- Maps of towns and lands

- A register of the part of Grundtvig’s paperwork that was used for the publication of this edition

- A record of his book collection and his registries.